Sunflower Honey

Best natural Sunflower Honey Brands in India.
There are many other honey producers in India but we are proudly saying that Shafia Food Company is one of the best natural honey brands in India.
Pure Sunflower Honey is harvested from natural sunflower pollen and nectar which is collected by bees. Its colour can be light yellow to dark yellow and it comes with high crystallization properties. Pure Sunflower Honey can crystallize between 20 days to 2 months. It comes with amazing anti-oxidant properties.
It’s our promise that we deliver best natural honey brands in India with error-free quality and services to our customers.

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Sunflower Honey Benefits:

  • Good for lung and kidney diseases
  • Natural remedy for cold and flu
  • Used in many cough medicine
  • To strengthen and enhance hair growth
  • Great for wound healing
  • Good for spastic constipation
  • Our priority is to achieve total customer satisfaction by safely supplying pure honey brands in India with the highest quality & products.

Available Packaging Size

300kg Drums Packing
Packaging in large 300 kg drum packs which are coated inside with food grade epoxycoating, it is an ideal pack size for manufacturing firms.
Bucket Packing
The bucket packing is also available in different sizes varying from 20kg - 100Kgs to beused by various firms for their production Requirements.
1 KG Pet Bottle
Pet bottles are becoming more popular due to their convenience and easy storage.

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