Multiflora Honey

Pure Multiflora Honey is collected from a variety of flowers and floras. It’s 100% natural made from pollen and nectar collected by bees.
We always ensure that honey is collected from pollution free and natural plants and flowers with not added any artificial or flavour ingredients. We provide completely pure, natural, unprocessed and unheated multiflora honey.
Natural Multiflora honey is a good source of anti-oxidants and antiseptic vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and many other herbal properties that no other super-food can provide.

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Multiflora Honey Benefits:

  • Pure Honey works as immune booster
  • Reduce Heart Attacks
  • Great choice for healing minor wounds
  • Regular use of it helps body to fight against infections and pathogens
  • Good for maintain sugar level without losing taste
  • Used for many skin treatments and many homemade remedies
  • Good for hair growth
  • For Cough and Cold issues
  • If you are looking for best honey company in India Please feel free to contact us. We would happy to assist you.

Available Packaging Size

300kg Drums Packing
Packaging in large 300 kg drum packs which are coated inside with food grade epoxycoating, it is an ideal pack size for manufacturing firms.
Bucket Packing
The bucket packing is also available in different sizes varying from 20kg - 100Kgs to beused by various firms for their production Requirements.
1 KG Pet Bottle
Pet bottles are becoming more popular due to their convenience and easy storage.

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