Eucalyptus Honey

Pure Eucalyptus Honey is collected by bees from Eucalyptus flower blossoms. This is 100% pure raw Eucalyptus honey which is unheated, unprocessed, and unpasteurized with no added any artificial substitute such as sugar or any colour flavour.
This natural honey comes with dull greyish colour because of Eucalyptus properties, with medium sweetness.
It contains all natural gradients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes which are beneficial for your health in numerous ways.

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Eucalyptus Honey Benefits:

  • It’s a great antiseptic which is best for healing wounds & burns and cuts.
  • Increase immunity and best for immune system.
  • Helps to reduce migraine pains.
  • Best home remedy for throat problems and cough.
  • Used in many antiseptic and antioxidant medicines.
  • Here you buy pure honey in many packing and weight. We are here to help you.

Available Packaging Size

300kg Drums Packing
Packaging in large 300 kg drum packs which are coated inside with food grade epoxycoating, it is an ideal pack size for manufacturing firms.
Bucket Packing
The bucket packing is also available in different sizes varying from 20kg - 100Kgs to beused by various firms for their production Requirements.
1 KG Pet Bottle
Pet bottles are becoming more popular due to their convenience and easy storage.

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